Fruits & Vegetables Processing Lines  


Canastra provides its clients with the necessary knowledge and cutting edge technology to put them at the forefront of the increasing global market for processed fruits and vegetables. The demand for dried and frozen fruits and vegetables is expanding; brought on by the world’s growing population, a heightened interest in healthy living and need for convenient meals.

The processing of fruits and vegetables begins with washing, peeling, de-coring, de-stalking, de-stoning, cutting, slicing, dicing then freezing or drying and finally packaging the product.


Canastra offers the following solutions to handle this process:

  •   Fruit production lines (apple, kiwi, apricot, peach, pear)

  • Leaf vegetable production lines (parsley, cauliflower, dill, spinach, celery)

  • Other vegetable production lines (onion, carrot, pea, bean)

  • And more