Corn Processing Line:


Sweet Corn - HUSKER


Fast Powerful Gentle Flexible

The sweet corn power husker is a fully automated system, consisting of three separate machines:

  • Metering conveyor
  • Vibratory shaker feeder
  • Base power husker


This system is specifically designed to quickly, but gently remove a very tight husk from a delicate, high-moisture product.

The metering conveyor precisely controls the flow rate of corn to be husked, and can be manually adjusted to an infinite number of settings by the operator.

The vibratory shaker feeder aligns the ears and feeds them to the husking machine in the optimum position for husking.


The base power husker is the heart of the system; its counter-rotating roll shafts form pinch points to gently strip the layers of husk without damaging the valuable kernels. The corn is husked in lanes that are divided by oscillating panels positioned parallel to the rolls. This helps align the corn with the pinch points and prevents jamming.

 *Hand-fed power





The corn cutter safely removes fresh kernels whole, or shreds them from the cob with no splatter or mess.

 *Hand-fed power